15 Safari Extensions: Ultimate add-ons

As many browser users will tell you, extentions/add-ons are awesome! They allow you to put extra functionality into your browser which can let you do anything from sync bookmarks across multiple machines, to automatically checking your webmail inbox and letting you know if you have any new messages.

Author’s note: Add-ons and Extensions are the same thing. They are called Add-ons in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and Extensions in Google Chrome and Safari.

Add-ons are invaluable to many users of Firefox, and in June Safari also got the ability to use extensions. Mashable Apps has an article showcasing 15 Safari Extensions for the web browser (sorry iPhone users, these aren’t for you). Some of the extensions include Safari Duplicate Tab, does what it says on the tin and is ‘simple but totally awesome’ and Add-To-Reader, which adds a button to the top of the browser which adds the page you are viewing to Google Reader.

Extensions which cater more to the hardcore techie includes Better Source, which allows you to read a colour coded version of any webpages Source code (you can do that anyway in Safari, but this makes it look pretty) and FastestTube which adds a download button to YouTube videos allowing you to download the videos with ease.

As I mentioned earlier, the Webmail Notifier add-on for Firefox is extremely valuable for me, and if you use Gmail and Safari, I would highly recommend the Gmail counter which displays how many Gmails you have.

What browser extention/add-on could you not live without? Let us know in the comments.