Twitter to share ad revenues with developers

Twitter has been popular for a few years now, and a big question has been going around the tech community: How does Twitter make money? They can’t charge for the service, since nobody would pay, and so far the only way Twitter has been making money is through sponsored Tweets and Trending Topics through the website.

Marshall Kirkpartick over on ReadWriteWeb says that Twitter is now inserting Trending Topics and sponsored Tweets into the API (Application Programming Interface) which 3rd party clients use to access the Twitter service and search results. The biggest news with this is Twitter is going to share the ad revenue with the applications which show the ads.

Twitter says that this will be an opt-in service where the ads are shown in the search results, rather than the actual feeds. You’ll see these adverts when you use the search functionality, rather than in your feed of people who you are following. This could mean meaningful monetization of some Twitter clients, whilst other smaller developers could end up with nothing.

The 17 year old developer of Twitter client xiTweet summed it up best when he said “This will either make the people of TweetDeck etc *very* rich, or it won’t get the smaller developers (like myself) a thing.”

What do you think about adverts in Twitter searches? Do they turn you off from the service? Let us know in the comments.