Google Street View South Korea: Latest setback

Google is in trouble over its Street view project again. As you may know, some of the cars that were driving around were also collecting data from open WiFi networks. This has gotten them in trouble with a lot of countries because of the invasion of privacy, and the latest country to have a go at Google are South Korea.

A report on says that Google has been preparing to launch the street view cars into South Korea, but the police there have raided Google Inc’s Seoul office on suspicion that they had illegally collected data on users. Google is already under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as other countries over the issue.

A Korean National Police Agency spokesman read a statement which said : “(The police) have been investigating Google Korea LLC on suspicion of unauthorized collection and storage of data on unspecified Internet users from Wi-Fi networks”. Google has already grounded all “Street View” cars globally following previous investigations.

Google still seems to be in hot water over this situation, let’s just hope for their sake that the government doesn’t find that the cars collected any useable data, or Google will be in major trouble. What do you think about Google Street View? Is the Street View service worth all this hassle? Let us know in the comments.