Verizon iPhone January Rumors True: CDMA parts ordered

The rumors of the iPhone going to Verizon have been going on since Apple launched the smartphone back in 2007, but have intensified over the last few months. The most recent rumor suggests that Big Red will get the new iPhone in January, and has been backed up with reports that the Cupertino company has ordered CDMA parts.

Normally tracking down ordered parts for the iPhone is a tough task, but Verizon needs their version to run on CDMA and not GSM, making tracking down the new components much easier than usual.

The biggest supplier of the CDMA chipset is Qualcomm, and as Apple has never ordered chipsets from them it shows up like a spot of blood in a huge ocean to a shark. Apple has held off on such a partnership, but this is needed for so many reasons now.

If a Verizon iPhone was launched in January, then Steve Cheney from TechCrunch expects them to shift at least 2-3 million units in just a few short weeks. Apple has seen how popular this move was when they opened up the iPhone to multiple carriers in Europe. Now is more important than ever considering that Android has overtaken the iPhone in the U.S. in sales.

Do you think the Verizon iPhone will be released in January 2011?