Content No Longer King, Social Experience Is: But why?

Online content is driven by experience. Through social networks you can experience what your friends are up to, you can connect to an online game and experience something different with your friends or you could connect to a forum and share your views and experiences with others.

Jon Goldman writes for Mashable about how social experiences are the future of online content. He speaks about the Music Industry, how advances in technology led to the demise of the decades old business model and how the iTunes 99 cent-per-song model, as well as downloading portals such as Napster, have caused the perceived value of music to drop. The value of music is no longer in the content itself, but in the experiences that you have with your friends whilst using that content.

Because the value is in the experiences, musicians have been putting a new emphasis on going on tour. This allows the fans to have their own experience of the concert and of the band, and the artists themselves get to keep more of the money than they do with record sales. It is no longer about the content, but experiencing the content with others. But why? Because music is more fun with friends. Because we’re social people, and because we value experiences with friends more than we do when we experience things alone.

For the full article, head on over to Mashable. Do you agree with Jon Goldman? Is it more about the experience, or is it about the content? Let us know in the comments.