Kinect for Xbox 360: How it works

Microsoft’s latest development for the Xbox 360, the “Kinect” is a controller free gaming and entertainment experience geared up for the Xbox 360 video gaming platform. It enables the user to control and interact with the 360 without the need to touch a games controller. It works on body movement, spoken commands or presenting objects and images. For users, it has left them questioning how Kinect actually works?

According to Adam Bunker at T3, Microsoft invited attendees to look around their labs at the Headquarters in Seattle to see exactly how Kinect works. It appears to work through three distinctive subsystems that each work alongside the hardware and software from the first being, “Movement tracking”, “Voice recognition” to “The motor”.

It is hoped that Kinect will launch worldwide in November 2010 starting with North America and retail costs could vary from $149.99 to $299.99. It will be seen competing against rivals such as the Wii Remote, Wii Motionplus and Playstation Move motion control systems. Reports recently spoke of Microsoft’s Kinect system touring through the UK from theme parks to the NEC Birmingham in December 2010.

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