iPhone 4 Antennagate Update: Apple Executive Leaves

Recent news in, is that the senior vice president of Apple “Mark Papermaster” has left the company. At this stage it is not clear whether he left on his own accord. Speculation surrounds his departure in light of the recent iPhone 4 antenna problems that Apple have been experiencing for the last couple of months along with his non-attendance at the recent Apple press conference in July.

When Samuel Axon at Mashable reported, news has it that Senior VP of Macintosh Hardware Engineering “Bob Mansfield” will be taking over the role of Papermaster. Reports have said that over the last few weeks Papermaster has been dubbed “the guy responsible for the antenna” within Apple.

Unfortunately for Papermaster, this is not the first time he has been in the media spotlight. It saw him appearing in a court case with IBM, formal employers of his. IBM sued Papermaster for supposedly exposing trade secrets and not complying to a company agreement. The case was settled but this delayed Papermaster’s commence date at Apple.

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