iPod Touch 4th Generation: FaceTime Looks Likely

Users will be pleased to learn that rumor has it, that in September the new updated Apple iPod Touch 4G will be launched. With the recent release of the new iPhone 4, unfortunately the iPod Touch has taken abit of a back seat! In recent pictures, the device could possibly be featuring “FaceTime”, the video-calling facility.

According to Marc Chacksfield at techradar.com, the pictures show a “hole” in the case asking the question whether FaceTime will be featured there. If so it would bring benefits to the user to make video calls whilst also being a media device with other strong features.

With the iPhone 4 and the eagerly anticipated release date of the white version, users have forgotton the unique selling points of the iPod touch. It still overshadows the iPhone with its 64GB solid memory although it is hoped that the new version will house even more memory not just for music but for video collections.

Will you be upgrading to a newer version of the iPod Touch? As a user, what features appeal to you? Give us your comments. To read up on this check out techradar.com

  • Jeonster

    Feature’s that could be added to be more appealing to me would be.

    Better battery life. something with 2000mAh+

    Faster processor

    A slightly bigger screen

    Screen lock.

    16gb as the bottom end


    Volume control with smaller increments.

    thats all I ask for.

    • sonyavading

      If they will upgrade the procs of iPod Touch, then why not? Actually, the confirmed updates for this one, is it will have face time and better speakers. iPod Touch 4 Early Leaks

  • Jim

    retina display! HD!

  • snackmaster

    The only feature that would persuade me to upgrade from my 2g touch would be retina display. Nothing else really interests me. I would be completely shocked if facetime is included as Apple has not in the past nor ever will include features on the itouch that would take any sales away from the iphone.

  • jubcub

    they shoud put a cam,hd display,mic,better batttery

    • James

      Perfect product which matches your description is an iPhone 4

  • Xlink527

    Of course that is not gonna be the design of the 4 gen touch… Hopefully the camera is gonna be at the front and not the back, a longer battery life, smaller pixels, faster processor, a microphone, bigger screen and a new design kthxbai :)

  • mike

    I want to see a retina display and equally important is a new GPU and cpu to provide the fill rate demand of a hi res display.

  • Mike

    I would like to see all the new features with an 8GB at a price point of $

    • kaitlyn

      im sorry, but what makes you think they will sell for 99 dollars. i mean, the ipods out now at the cheapest price are just under 200, they arent going to realease a new ipod with more features, for a cheaper price. it's just something they would never do.

  • Dan

    Somehow cant see them selling it that cheap Mike.

    It needs:

    better display
    better battery
    cheaper price (proberly not as low as $99)

  • Brice

    The only things I really want are:
    Retina Display
    More Ram

  • yeeeeeeeeeeee

    i want Retina Display, A4, 16gb for $199 as starting, new design like iphone4, a camera.
    ipod touch 4 is supposed to be out like september 8-11 right? since all previous models were out that time….hopefully.—thats less than a month from now!

  • Dan

    i Have a 2g itouch 16 gb and i heard from reliable sources that the new Itouch 4 Generation will not be 4g but 3g still like the Iphone 4. It wil defenitely include a Back camera at least 3mp with no flash and it may not or may have Facetime with a front 2mp camera and most likely will have Retina Display

  • Brian

    posibly ipod touch with 3g like the ipad 3g?

  • E.E.

    I heard 3G and FaceTime, either of which would be incredible!

  • dantejoycedestiny

    i love it

  • dantejoycedestiny