The Web is Changing: Three new behaviors to consider

Could the Web soon be undergoing another radical change? The internet as we know it has only been around for a couple of years and yet according to Steve Rubel writing on his own blog. it could be changing soon.

He says that according to Morgan Stanley, internet consumption on mobile devices will surpass the same activity on PC’s. Mobile devices are more mission-orientated, and with the increase in popularity of apps which are single purpose, the internet will become less complex and more streamlined.

For companies to succeed in the new web, Rubel says, they need to consider three behaviours:
Adoption: Acquire other companies that compliment your own business. This tactic has been used by eBay who gained Red Laser and Disney who bought Tapulous.
Collaboration: Join with other companies to create applications which stand out better in a crowded marketplace
Context: Content producers will have to rethink the way that they package their content. ESPN is a good example as they have been rolling out specific mobile apps for each local market, as well as an overall offering to everyone.

To read the full article, head on over to Steve Rubel’s blog. What do you think about this article? Is the internet going to change completely? Let us know in the comments.