Google Wave Could Reincarnate as Facebook Competitor

Google “Wave” the online software app developed by Google was once described as the “new web app for real-time communication and collaboration”. Users were made aware of it back in May 2009 and it was hoped to break new ground in the technological world. Unfortunately with today’s social networking sites such as “Facebook”, this has not been the case. But, good news may be on the horizon!

According to Stan Beer at ITWire, Google are now in the process of developing their next new social networking project “Buzz” which could see major competition against Facebook. The downward spiral of Wave could be due to the ever increasing user numbers on Facebook and Twitter who see people logging onto their websites purely to have conversations. Other reasons that have included in the downfall of Wave, was in face Buzz with its Twitter-like functions which for users was easy to understand.

For now, the technological world can wait in anticipation for the next new social networking platform. Should Facebook be worried? Google “Wave” has gone and it is hoped that in the future, users will forget and focus on the next best thing from Google.

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