14 Tactics For Promoting And Optimizing Your Blog

Having a business blog is a good way to get customers interested in your business. There you can post news, product information and special offers, amongst other things. The difficult thing is getting people to find out about and notice your blog in the first place.

Denise Wakeman writes for Social Media Examiner with tips on what essentials a blog needs and croudsourced ideas on how to publicise your blog. Tips include having a banner which informs readers of what your blog contains, having a contact page and making sure your blog has a good number of posts, so potential subscribers can analyse what you have before deciding to subscribe.

Tips on how to gain interest for your blog include creating a video to promote the blog. Having a short video which sums up exactly what your business does to the consumers is a great help. As a consumer I am more likely to watch a video on your site than read the text. Bait them with a great video, then deliver them quality video.

For more tips, including paying for advertising for the site, hosting an online radio show and running contests check out the full article over on Social Media Examiner.

What tips do you have for setting up a popular blog? Let us know in the comments.