Fuse TV launches new Facebook app, “Tag Your Tune”

Most of us on the Internet know that the way to move ahead is by integrating their website services with social networking, which is just what Fuse TV has done. This new TV show will give viewers the chance to dedicate a music video for someone with a new service called “Tag Your Tune,” which is an application for Facebook.

This new show does not surprise us at all, what better way to engage your audience by allowing them to get involved via Facebook? This means that it is the viewers who will be providing the content each day on this one-hour show every day.

We were informed by email that using Fuse’s Tag Your Tune app on Faceboook is very easy and allows you to personalize your dedication – something that other TV station do not allow. Fuse allows viewers to choose from a list of 30 videos – updated weekly – or choosing their own one. Once you have made your choice you and the one you are dedicating the video to will be notified.

Those who wish to use this service will need to log on to the Fuse TV Facebook page, from there you will be given further instructions.