Why Companies Fail at Social Media: Not inherently “social”

Marketing on the social web could potentially boost sales for some companies, so why are they finding it so hard to connect with their customers in a way that would benefit them and their business? In the recent “Old Spice” video advertisement on YouTube that we reported on, we spoke about the increasing sales from this and we commented on how Isaiah Mustafa (the man in the video) could answer fans’ questions on Twitter.

Recently, the Brigham Young University did a parody of the Old Spice campaign and managed to pull in a staggering 1.8 million views. Why was that? Is it the way in which it was produced, the audience in which it was aimed at or just the entire execution of it? According to Lee Odden at Top Rank, companies need to understand how social media marketing can help them. They need to look at social channels, media and content and figure out what works for them. As of yet, companies do not understand how to have conversations with the social web, therefore, they are not connecting with audiences about their products. There’s no marketing involved.

For now, viral videos like Old Spice are working and pulling in at least 50 million views and doubling their sales, having the ability to take risks and make connections with relevant communities will increase a companies revenue.

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