Dell Streak Beta Blocked by AT&T: Buyers unhappy

The Dell Streak is designed to be a cross between a Smartphone and a tablet. I previously reported on the announcement of the device over on Only Kent. Dell has had a beta program where users were given the devices to test, but now it seems that some of them are no longer working.

According to Chris Ziegler over on Engadget, AT&T has apparently performed an IMEI block on Dell Streak units which were being tested during the beta period. All voice calls are re-routed to AT&T customer service, and the mobile internet (2G and 3G) doesn’t work at all. The reason for this seems to be that those who were beta testing the phones were allowed to keep them, and many have been sold on E-bay.

The IMEI number is your phone’s unique identifier which cannot be transferred or registered to another phone. If the phone company blocks your IMEI number, the phone becomes nothing more than a useless toy. For more information on IMEI numbers, see this article on Solid Blogger.

Engadget has received a message from one buyer who says that his Streak still works, so it seems that not every phone has been bricked. What do you think about the Dell Streak? Are you going to buy one? Let us know in the comments.