Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator App: Calculates Fare

Location-based apps are becoming increasingly more popular to the user but now with a new app “Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator” this may take the world of apps another leap forward. The Fare Calculator app can give a “calculated cab fare” on a route between two points before the user even has to leave the house.

According to Samuel Axon at Mashable, the new app is available at the Bing Maps website right now. For the user, they just pick a destination to travel to and type in two addresses. The app will then give the user the shortest route and an estimated cost of the fare based on normal rates for cabs in their area. Users will then be able to save money by looking at the routes available to them and they will have the correct money for the fare.

This new app is currently being looked at and considered for the competition “Microsoft’s King of Bing Maps Title”. Winners of this will be announced on the Bing blog 20 August. If successful, the new Taxi Fare Calculator app will be up against stiff competition from Google Maps, Mapquest, Foursquare integration, the Tour de France map and the street level Stargazing feature.

Does this new Taxi Fare Calculating app get the thumbs up from you? Give us your comments below. To read more about this check out Mashable

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