RIM BlackBerry (Blackpad) Tablet Release Date: November?

We have known for some time that RIM is planning to launch a BlackBerry tablet device to not only compete with the ever-popular Apple iPad, but the bunch of other tablets that will be hitting the market later this year. According to two people close to the situation RIM plan to release theirs in November, but with no solid date.

According to the article on Bloomberg written by Hugo Miller, the BlackBerry Blackpad tablet will be about the same dimensions as the iPad and will come with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – we are not certain what features their different versions will come with.

All these other phone and computer makers have been caught sleeping, but then again none of us knew how popular the iPad was going to be – so they will all have to play catch-up now. We know that they can gauge what the customers want and offer new features that the iPad does not have, but remember that Apple is certain to launch a second-generation sometime in January in the U.S.

According to one of the sources, the BlackBerry tablet will be called the Blackpad and will start from $499 – the same as the iPad then. We just hope that they are able to pull this latest device off, we have seen in the past with their two Storm handsets that they struggle when it comes to touch technology.

Do you think that RIM will be able to make a decent BlackBerry tablet device?