WikiLeaks on Twitter: Controversial Conversation

WikiLeaks has not been out of the news for two days now, a result of them making military documents available to the public – more on this in our recent article. There have been a number of arguments over this, with the public having a mixed view, but this has not stopped people from visiting their Twitter page to get all the latest updates.

So let us take a look at a few of the most recent controversial conversations on Twitter. The first that we noticed was Weigel vs. WikiLeaks, with Dave Weigel saying that the whole WikiLeaks Afghan thing has become depressing. This statement certainly got a few backs up with Weigel having to come back and defend himself. Matt Barganier from Antiwar has more on this.

The next controversial conversation was not an article but a video interview that took place with the WikiLeaks founder. He defends his online service by saying that there has been huge “negligence on a massive scale.” Watch the interview on ABC News.

The final article that we picked out from Twitter is the complete story in detail, and is very in-depth in how it looks at how the leak happened and what needs to happen in the future. Read Ann Woolner’s article on Bloomberg.

Do you follow WikiLeaks on Twitter, and what do you think of the controversial conversation provided by WikiLeaks?