Twitter users’ Mood Results

Survey results carried out by a Boston University “Northwestern”, looked at users of online social networking site Twitter and analyzed 300 million tweets between September 2006 and August 2009. The survey which looked at geographic location, whether the tweets were hourly, daily or on a weekly basis would be able to determine the users mood. Using word analysis software, the University was able to develop Twitter mood maps which gave an overall analysis of moods felt across the U.S.

According to CBC News, results clearly found that users felt happier at weekends in comparison to weekdays, understandingly this could be put down to them having to go to work during the week. Also living in states such as Florida and southern California gave users a sense of happiness and around the time of 6 am in the morning and 10 pm at night also made a difference.

Users can view these mood results online but as of yet they have not been published. The Northwestern University is now at the stage of researching other sources to give a clearer and less biases view from users of social networking sites.

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