Twitter and Missed Opportunities for Advertisers

In a recent report on 29 July by digital agency “360i”, it concluded that Twitter one of the biggest online social networking sites is not using its full potential in relation to advertising and marketing. It seems that when users converse with one another on Twitter, there is rarely any mention of a brand(s) and that 12% of all marketer Tweets do not have constructive time spent with the consumer.

According to Shahnaz Mahmud at DMNews, an example of using marketing tools to its potential is company “Dell”. Millions of dollars were seen when “Hofstetter”, a company in the U.S. that concentrates on designing solutions and giving technical expertise to consumers, joined up with Dell. With the aid of their Twitter account products can now be sold at a discounted price.

Based on this report, it is fair to say that Twitter when used to it’s full potential, can achieve good advertising and marketing results when different ways are explored. It’s not just a CRM tool, awareness tool or loyalty tool, it can be used as a direct response tool.

Would you consider using Twitter to broaden your consumer base? Give us your comments. To read more about this check out DMNews