Spotify U.S. Delays: Do Americans still care?

For those outside of Europe, Spotify is a free music service which allows you to stream music through your computer for free, with adverts on the page and audio ads between roughly every third song. It’s a great service as you can get access to most of the music that you want for free, and you don’t need to resort to piracy to do so.

Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable reports that despite the awesomeness of this streaming music service, negotiations with US record labels have broken down and are back to square one. This is because labels like Warner Music Group have publically said that they dislike Spotify’s revenue model of free to use with ads, with an optional premium service. Effectivly this means that American’s probably won’t be getting Spotify for a while.

The question is, when Spotify becomes available over in the US, will American’s even care? They already have services like Pandora and Last.FM available there and the more time Spotify takes in striking a deal, the bigger customer base its competitors can grow. If everybody who is looking for a streaming music service has found one, will there be anybody left for Spotify to serve?

Do you use Spotify or an alternate music streaming service? Let us know in the comments.

  • shedzy

    I have used all of the services named above (Pandora until it was switched off outside of the US, Last FM and Spotify) and Spotify is easily the best one.

    Its a shame that it wont be arriving in the US any time soon, as its certainly the best service for both consumers and advertisers in my humble opinion.