100 Million Facebook Profiles: List of companies downloading torrent

Yesterday, Facebook came under scrutiny yet again, after a hacker Ron Bowes pulled information from Facebook’s open directory, therefore giving him access to users information that had been set to send to everyone else. The torrent (2.8GB) contained personal information from at least 100 million scraped Facebook profiles.

According to Jason Chen at Gizmodo, the information accessed was already publicly known through search engines, and can include a Facebook user who may not have implemented their profile to be made private. Peer Block which takes the IPs of the other users also downloading the torrent, can give information of the company, university or organisation they belong to.

To check out the list of companies that are downloading the torrent check out Gizmodo. Even if a company is not on the list, it may not necessary mean that they are allowing a sanctioned download; it may just be an individual wanting to access the torrent.

What do you think about this information being so publicly accessible? To read more about this and check out the list of major companies downloading the torrent go to Gizmodo