Microsoft Office for Mac 2011: New features video

At the end of this year users will be able to explore the new version of Office for Mac 2011 along with the return of Outlook for Mac. With a series of videos which give an insight into the new features, compatibility across platforms and interface changes of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, users certainly have a lot to look forward to.

According to Christina Warren at Mashable, new features to enjoy on the Mac will include Outlook conversation view as well as the new database system Outlook for Mac which will be compatible with Time Machine and Spotlight. Outlook is set to support PST imports, and along with this the Outlook message database system will now be a series of smaller files so it can be backed up by Time Machine and searched in Spotlight.

The next version of Office for Mac will include the ribbon interface that we saw in Office 2007 for example “Paint” which will be accessible on the Mac. The new ribbons have been designed with familiar interface elements but still with a feel of the Mac.

Are you looking forward to this new version of Office for Mac 2011? To get more information click onto Mashable. Check out the preview video.