iPhone 4 Cases / Bumper now being shipped

The story of the iPhone and its signal issue caused by the controversial external antenna is a long one, and most of us know all that there is to know. Apple took their time admitting that there was a flaw in its design and in a goodwill gesture decided to offer our free cases and bumpers.

The iPhone 4 Case Program went live last Friday, July 23rd, 2010. When I downloaded the app and went through the process of choosing which case I wanted – choosing the bumper – I was then informed that I would have to wait 3 to 5 weeks.

However, I then started hearing a few rumors that some iPhone 4 owners in the U.S. had started to receive theirs. I thought that this was a bit unfair and was about to enter the forums asking why those in North America should get their first when I heard the classic bing from my iPhone.

I then checked my Email saying that my order had now been shipped, and should be with me within 3 working days. This is great news and shows that Apple has stepped up to the plate.

Have you received your Email yet, or even your case or bumper?

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    It's a shame about the delivery times of these Cases, come on guys 3-5 weeks or at worst 2-3 months is just not acceptable. If you can’t wait that long you will just have to buy one