iPad Problems: Overheating leads to lawsuit

Apple had hoped that their troubles were behind them when offering free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 customers, but now they might have another issue on their hands. We have been getting reports that at least three iPad owners have claimed that their devices had shut off due to being in the sun too long.

They claim that Apple has gone back on its words, when they made claims that the iPad could be used as an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle. The three iPad owners have now took it upon themselves to launch a lawsuit in California.

This is not the first time this month that Apple has seen a lawsuit launched against them. The most recent was when a bunch of iPhone owners got together and did the same thing, that time complaining about the antenna issue.

According to an article on CNN, By Chris Foresman from ArsTechnica, once the Apple tablet reaches a critical operating temperature, the device will then shut down as a safety precaution. The iPad issues a warning message as it is shutting down – just as their other portable products do.

The lawsuit filed alleges that Apple and its iPad do not meet expectations of operating temperatures. They understand that the device can overheat when out in direct sunlight, but they allege that Apple contradicts themselves when they say that the iPad is just like a book.

Do you think that this lawsuit has a case?

  • http://ipadcasesblog.com Pat

    Not sure but I think this is getting out of hand. Apple is just being bombarded with all of this non-sense.

  • Shaun M

    So far I have had the following issues with my IPAD. First I had problems with the drag motion not working correctly. I went to the apple store and they upgraded my operating system which worked for about a day. On my second trip to the apple store with the same problem they replaced the unit. Secondly a week later I get the dreaded TEMPARATURE warning screen "Ipad needs to cool down before you can use it." This was after sitting on my nightstand for two days. No sun whatsoever. This problem was not triggered by being in the sun tool long. So I guess I am heading to the apple store for the third time which is really disappointing. I have not found a way around this problem no matter what I have tried. the unit is useless to me.