Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketing Strategy: Desperation

There’s been a lot talked about the Microsoft Phone Windows 7 series lately and now it seems Microsoft has found a sure-fire way of getting its device out there, seen and used when available. In an unusual move, announced at the Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) conference this week, Microsoft said it will be giving every one of its 90,000 employees a Windows Phone 7 device.

It’s certainly a unique marketing strategy on Microsoft’s part, but does it smack slightly of desperation? In a way though it makes sense as the company already often give employees access to new software. Apparently in 2007 Apple made a similar move giving all its employees a new iPhone, according to Ian Paul on PC World, sourced from Engadget. Somehow though we don’t imagine that Steve Jobs actually needed to do so to make the iPhone catch on.

The technical preview of Windows Phone 7 was recently released to developers but has met hugely mixed responses. Some felt it was clean and beautifully designed while others said it was awkward and would be a disaster. However it seems plenty of manufacturers are willing to take the risk and want to produce Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices, so it remains to be seen how successful it will be.

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