Kanye West Disses Facebook Rival Twitter: Video

Facebook it seems is trying to add some fun into the working environment, as employees have been working round the clock to offer more to their users. Taking time out from that hard work, the employees normally visit the cafeteria, but while at the Palo Alto HQ they were treated to a freestyle performance by Kanye West.

The rapper as always was well dressed while up on stage, but it was his freestyle so-called rap that had Facebook employee’s exited, as in the rap he covered a number of topics – such as dissing rival Twitter. However, Tech Crunch is uncertain if the audience noticed it.

It seems that West still holds a grudge against Twitter, at the beginning of 2009 he blogged about the micro-blogging site – man that guy can hold a grudge. We all know what camp West is in, and if he wants to put his point across, he is not afraid to do so in public.

I just don’t get it though, I hate to get too personal but I do not class what Kanye West does as rapping. Half the stuff he raps does not make sense, watch the video below and tell me that you do not agree.

  • Lucifer

    Exactly what do you mean when you say half of Kanye's raps don't even make sense? In what ways do they not make sense?

    If it was a diss at Twitter, it was a subliminal one. He just said that he was called an n-word a lot on Twitter.