AT&T vs. Verizon: Windows Phone 7 vs. Android

Over the years Microsoft has slowly seen its mobile OS market share dwindle away to a stupid figure. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main two is because the popularity of the iPhone and the onslaught from Google Android running handsets.

Microsoft has seen the success that AT&T has had with the iPhone, so feels that they would be the perfect carrier to help with the future of Windows 7 Phone – well they would not go with Verizon, as we know how the deal with Kin turned out.

This does seem strange that Microsoft would want to choose a carrier that has constant issues with its service, but they must feel that Big Red is only interested in Android – and why wouldn’t they be? Google’s mobile OS has been eating into Apple’s iPhone market share for some time now, so they know that they are not backing a donkey.

Matt Hamblen from Computerworld has written an article on PC World, where he reports that AT&T has now become a “premier carrier for Windows Phone 7.” This news comes direct from an AT&T spokeswoman. We do not know what she means by a “premier carrier”, but we are certain to find out shortly.

This could be a good move by AT&T, especially if Verizon do get the iPhone as continuous rumors suggests.