Adobe Online Marketing Suite: New social media features

The American software computer company renowned for creating multimedia and creativity software products, has now announced new social media features which is hoped to offer marketers better tracking and higher performance campaigns. The company which is located in San Jose, California, has now allowed features that include analytics for Facebook advertising. This will in turn allow marketers to identify high performing customer segments giving content for BlackBerry and Android apps and video tracking.

According to B2B Marketing News, the Online Marketing Suite can now compare all their marketing channels and get a true understanding of what and how big an impact they are making on the business, in turn, this will help them understand what channels need more financial help with funding. An announcement from Adobe that “Omniture” will power the online marketing suite will also now feature Adobe branding, “Powered by Omniture”.

The senior vice president and GM `Josh James’ of Omniture Business Unit has commented that “customers are increasingly sophisticated marketers and many of them are adopting multiple solutions within the Online Marketing Suite that help them unlock the power of their data to drive conversion and optimize ad spend”.

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