Bump 2.0 for iPhone: Share Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn

Bump – the popular app that makes it really simple to exchange information with others simply by bumping phones – has just announced the release of Bump 2.0 for the Apple iPhone. The app will allow people to instantly connect via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

According to a mashable.com article by Christina Warren, the Bump 2.0 app features a refined and updated interface, as well as the ability to compare calendars, the ability to send and receive messages without another Bump, and instantly connect on the aforementioned social networking sites.

Just like its predecessor, the Bump 2.0 app is free!! The Bump app is ideal for people who travel in large groups with lots of smartphone users, because it makes it easy to transfer information. It’s simple to use as well – just open up the app, and make the “bump” gesture with the other device.

If you do set up your Bump to allow you to share your Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter information instantly, Bump will even compare friends you have with the other user you are “bumping.” It can then show you items such as photographs from Facebook.

You can read more information about the Bump 2.0 app, by visiting mashable.com. What do you think of the Bump app?