Your Twitter Experience: Top 20 third-party websites

At one time it could be said that Twitter was a simple tool, sending short messages to followers, and of course following others short messages. However as the social networking site has expanded it’s become hugely complex providing contact to more than just friends, but also opening lines of communication for business, trade and shopping deals.

It can all get a bit confusing, however there are many third-party sites available now to make your Twitter experience more useful and easier to cope with. An article over on Mashable by Vadim Lavrusik suggests twenty of the top third-party sites to make your Twitter experience more enjoyable.

One of these is social media dashboard, HootSuite, which is useful for individuals and for teams working on Twitter. It’s a web-based application, similar in a way to TweetDeck and allows you to update multiple accounts supporting Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. Trendistic is another useful tool that looks into Twitter trends and how they’ve progressed. It shows current trends in a graphic format along with percentages that the trends account for.

There are many other helpful and practical resources available listed in the article at We’d be interested to hear what you think are really functional third-party sites and applications so why not send us in your comments about this.