Would You Pay for Twitter? Web advertising more appealing

Twitter is used by millions of people as a micro blogging service, where they can express to all their followers their thoughts and feelings in 140 characters or less. The service is currently available to everybody for free, and according to a study by the Center for the Digital Future, nobody is willing to pay for Twitter.

According to the article over on hindustantimes.com, 70% of those surveyed said that internet advertising was “annoying” and 50% of them said that they never clicked on internet advertising. Despite these numbers 55% of users said they would prefer to get free content with advertising rather than pay for the content.

The results of the survey are pretty clear, users like free content and whilst they dislike the adverts on websites, they are willing to accept them to access the free content.

Maybe the reason for this lack of click-throughs on advertisements is that they are boring. With the advent of Digital Video Recorders (or DVR’s) for television, advertisers found themselves in a situation where users would usually fast forward through their adverts thus making them worthless. The challenge for these companies is now for them to create advertisements which the user actually wants to watch.

For the full article, check out hindustantimes.com. What is your view of advertising? Would you pay for Twitter? Let us know in the comments.