Shrek Kart HD: iPad App Contains a Few Surprises

When a new animation movie comes out you can almost guarantee that a game will be launched alongside. This is exactly what has happened with the new Shrek Movie and Shrek Kart HD – although this game is a little different, as it is an iPad app.

Ryan Wood from 148Apps explains that for those who have played Mario Kart, then you will get to grips with the game from the start. However, mastering the iPad with its tilt controls will take some getting used too – nothing beats holding a controller in you hand.

Shrek Kart HD is a game that is more like racing cartoon characters – something that has worked well for a number of Simpson’s games in the past. For the most part, the game is predicable but does offer a few surprises. For more details of Shrek Kart HD on the iPad visit iTunes