iPhone 4 Case: Griffin Motif lacks port access

We have discussed three different iPhone 4 cases that make up the ‘Free iPhone 4 Case Program’; so today we will take a look at the fourth one. Here we have the Griffin Motif, which has been made from a material called TPU – stronger than silicone but with more flexibility than plastic.

The look and design is very appealing with its smoked finish, but there is a worry that the case lacks port access that’s according to Casey Tschida from App Advice. This means that a number of accessories that you connect to the bottom of the iPhone 4 could have trouble making a connection, as it may not be able to fit though the cutout at the bottom of the Griffin Motif case.

The MSRP would normally be $20, but is free up until September 30th for Apple iPhone 4 owners – only those who have not yet ordered their free case. More details,can be found on the official Griffin website