iPad Stands or Holders: Top 10 Hands free solutions

You may not have the worry of what way to hold your Apple iPad, but I’m sure there are times when you’d rather go hands-free. It can get rather confusing when you are buying a holder or stand for your iPad, as there are so many different designs to choose from.

I’ve found an interesting article by Amy-Mae Elliott over at mashable.com, which provides a list of all the best iPad stands available. The list has been narrowed down to the top 10, which includes the Joule stand, the GroovyStand and the WedgePad.

The first one I thought I’d mention is the Joule stand, which will hold your iPad in either landscape or portrait modes. It is the ideal stand for minimalists, and will cost you from $129. If you’d rather purchase something a little cheaper, then you may like the LUXA2 H4.

This stand is made from solid aluminium, has six supporting rubber-covered arms and will set you back $59.99. Another one that caught my eye is the quirky cradle iPad lap desk. It’s made from bamboo plywood, and offers a rather stylish way to use your iPad without holding it.

You can view the full top ten by visiting the mashable.com website. Which one would you choose if you were buying one?