British Royal Family Joins Flickr: View 600 photos

Over the past few years the British Royal Family has tried to modernize itself in a number of ways, their latest venture is by sharing their family photos on social networking site Flickr. This latest move will help to complement its already large online presence that they already enjoy on YouTube and Twitter.

The British Royal Family is now seen as a much more fun monarchy – most of which is down to two young prince’s, Harry and William. The Royal Family and their advisors know that hey need to keep up popularity and offer their subjects more – and the social media has to be the best platform to achieve this.

According to an AP article posted on SMH, there are some 600 photos available on Flickr, which you can see on their Royal Family Pictures page. There are certainly some great photos on the website, but the more interesting ones are those dating back to the 1800’s.

Viewing the different images has been made easier, as they have been grouped into different themes – such as by person or by state visit. However, there is a downside, you cannot leave comments about these images like you normally can – so you will just have to keep those thoughts to yourself.