Amanda Bynes Comeback on Twitter: Do we care?

Amanda Bynes, 24, actress on upcoming romantic comedy
“Easy A”, has recently used online social networking site Twitter to let her fans know that she has decided for the time being to carry on with her acting career. It was only a month ago, Bynes tweeted that she was giving up her career.

According to CNN Entertainment, Bynes wanted to give up her acting career spanning 14 years due to having a lack of love for it. The star who appeared on the Nickelodeon channel commented that “she had never written the movies and TV show that she had been a part of, she only acted out the characters that producers and directors had assigned her to do”.

At this moment in time Bynes does not know what the future has in store for her, but for the time being, she can be seen playing a religious high-school student in the romantic comedy “Easy A” which can be seen from 17 September.

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