White iPhone 4 Release: More delays

We recently reported on the expected delays of the new White iPhone 4 release. On Friday Apple released a press statement saying that “The release date of the White iPhone 4 will now be later this year and not the end of this month due to Apple still experiencing challenges“. Understandingly customers are now getting a little impatient with the delays.

According to Debbie Turner at ONLYKENT, Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica, has talked in a recent article regarding the White iPhone 4 release dates. Users waiting for the new model were initially told that the release date was June, then a statement from Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the phone would be available the end of July, recent news appears that Apple do not want to commit to any date.

For everyone waiting for a White iPhone 4, no concrete explanation has been given for the delays. Is it due to the problems with the colorant? or a shortage of supplies for the glass panels?, whatever the reason, users will have to wait even longer.

What do you think about this ongoing saga? Are you one of the customers waiting for the White iPhone 4? To read more about this check out ONLYKENT.

  • IWannaWhiteOneNow!!

    WTF im gettin pretty pissed off at apple, what the hell??

    its only a god damn color difference why do they have to make it soo effing complex??

    we all have been holding out, and its about time to ATTACK!! i wanna white one NOW!!

    • http://scuttlebutterz.blogspot.com Scuttlebutt

      I agree this is stupid. Hopefully they crack the colour instead of making the iphone 4 turn brown after a month. I have been waiting for a month and I am fed up.

  • http://facebook.com/maellyne Maellyne

    We waited enough!!! it's just a color.. if they take a few more weeks i'll have to end up gettin the EVO from Sprint! Apple is great and that's why they do this stuff to their customers, but I think they going way to far now. =[

  • Johnnyone

    Maybe Apple is fixing the antenna?

  • Dev

    Yeah its the antenna thats holding them off now..


    OMG/D Apple is really pulling our chain on this one. I have the 1st generation I-phone and the battery is dying and the sound is going and most of my calls are not even coming thru. Yet and still I am trying to hold on to this dinosaur until the white phone comes out but it is getting very exhausting.

  • confused mom

    Oh my, it's just a color. If you want the iphone, buy the black. I personally think the black looks better anyway. I can't believe that people will purposely hold out for just a different colored phone! Buy whatever phone for the features, usability and reliability and get over the color issue. I personally don't have any iphone, but my son does. He to is waiting for the iphone 4 in white and I just shake my head at him. I think it's a status (bragging rights) thing, otherwise someone explain to me why you would purposely hold out for a particular color, especially when the white i phone 4 looks cheap and tacky.

  • jason

    cheap and tacky to some, but nice and awesome to others. it's personal preference. just like durian, some loves it, some hate it. so there is no real logical reason as to why ppl white really.

  • jason

    i myself wait for the white iphone 4 is because i think it's look nice with the orange bumper around it. and white/orange are my favourite combination of colours. beside, i can wait, it's no big deal.

  • zholy

    Im getting the white one, I have never owned an iphone before, but I do have an iPod touch and I seriously cant wait to get my dirty hands on ma new iphone4!!!!!
    and I seem a very funny Apple iPhone 4 Reviews for aneesoft,to google search you will see……

  • Nadia Forero

    I am happy to wait for the white version to come out, it just means they are fixing all the defects that the first relase black one has, so waiting is no problem if its going to work better… Plus white looks classier..