iPhone 4 Case: Griffin Reveal in Black

We thought that we would show you another one of the iPhone 4 cases that Apple will be offering for free up until September 30th. The Griffin Reveal case in black has a polycarbonate back and a soft rubber on the inside so it does not mark the casing of the iPhone 4.

The Reveal is just 1.6mm thick so still helps to show off the thinnest smartphone in the world. None of the controls are hindered once the case is on, which has to be one of the reason why Apple allowed it to be part of the iPhone 4 Case program.

The rubber around the edge will help protect the sides of the iPhone 4, while also helping to eliminate the current issue with the external antenna. For more details on the Griffin Reveal case visit their official website.

Here is the details on another case in the Apple program – the Belkin Shield Micra in Black Pearl