iPhone 4 Case: Belkin Shield Micra in Black Pearl

Apple launched its iPhone 4 Case Program app yesterday and made available a free black bumper or a choice of 6 different cases. One case that looks to be doing very well is the Belkin Shield Micra – there is a choice of three colors, but it is only the Black Pearl that is offered for free.

The case does two things, it will stop all those issues that you have when your hand comes into contact with the external, and it will also offer maximum protection. The case is thin and light and the sleek design does not add too much thickness to the overall look of the iPhone 4.

The Belkin Shield Micra is easy to remove in a hurry once you have it on and still offers complete access to all the iPhone controls. For those of you who have already ordered your free case why not get another – this one will be available to purchase soon. For more details visit Belkin