Incase Snap Case: Free iPhone 4 case a mystery

It’s interesting to see other sites claiming they have photos of the Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4, especially when there have been no photos released, as we are aware. The photos we have seen have an Incase Snap Case on the 3GS model.

The free iPhone 4 case is still a mystery, but we can show you some renderings from the official site,, which show you the new case in a number of colors. From what we hear, Apple will only give a black Incase Snap Case for free to iPhone 4 users.

With thousands of users complaining about the signal issues with iPhone 4, we’re sure the demand for these free iPhone cases will be big, but with iPhone bumpers in short supply you have a choice from other brands, this means you now have the problem of deciding the design you like the most.

You may want to see information on Griffin’s iPhone 4 case in black, and the Belkin Shield Micra in Black Pearl. Apple iPhone 4 users, what case will you choose?

  • Anne boyd

    When will bumper case app be released?