Flipboard iPad App Downloads Overwhelms Apple Servers

Flipboard is a new iPad app which creates a magazine tailored to you by collecting data from your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The app has been hyped to the point where so many people have downloaded it and are trying to use the program that the servers have become overwhelmed with the huge demand.

David Goldman over on CNN Money has the full story. He says that users encountered error messages that said “”Due to overwhelming interest we are currently limiting the rate at which we are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections”.

Currently the company is working on a solution, in the mean time they are set to release a new version of the software which will create a queue for people trying to access their social network accounts.

This new app seems to be a new and exciting way to view the internet. The content you see is personally tailored to you because the app gathers content that your friends have shared. See the embedded video for more details about the app.

Have you ever had a problem with a program or application because the servers were overloaded? Does the Flipboard app interest you? Let us know in the comments.

  • LG

    Jon, your title makes readers think it’s Apple’s servers were overloaded. The real issue is that Flipboard didn’t have the proper deals in place and went over their 50k or 100k user allotment under the third party API agreements for Facebook/Twitter. Do you really think one app could take down Apple or Facebook for that matter?

    Just think before hitting publish.