What is Wavii? Stunningly original

There is a new start up coming and it is called Wavii, and the one question on our mind is, “what is it”? There have been a few leaks, but nothing juicy enough to give us an indication as to what it will be – that is until now. We have learned from Michael Arrington from Tech Crunch that it will be ” Stunningly original.”

We thought we would do some digging around ourselves and found that when you visit their website you are met with a homepage that asks you to sign up if you have not already done so. We can also tell you that Wavii already has a Twitter page all set up – although it is currently blank.

What Tech Crunch can tell you is that it is a new way when it comes to approaching Natural Language Processing, which means that it must be some sort of indexing service on the Internet.

Wavii will be able to generate social content in real-time, the information will be gathered by blogs, news and also tweets. There must be some future in this start up as Yahoo has already offered the owners $10 million for the service. For more details on Wavii visit the source link above.