Verizon Phones Coming Soon: 2010 and Beyond

What are the Verizon phones coming soon in 2010, and beyond? The most popular phone currently on Verizon Wireless is DROID X by Motorola, which sold out fast during the first batch, although more are shipping today, according to Droid Life.

Some users want a social media phone with basic features, others want a Verizon phone designed with the most advanced specs, high definition video playback and cool features like face tracking and motion detection. You will not be short of choices.

According to Phone Arena, the latest Verizon phones coming soon include the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, Motorola DROID 2 A955, Saygus Vphone, BlackBerry Curve 2 8930, the Motorola Crush candybar phone, Samsung U320, LG Clout, and ZTE F350 that should be the first Verizon phone from ZTE.

The Verizon iPhone has long been on wish lists, but other than wild rumors, Apple or Verizon has set no release date. What Verizon phones are you looking forward to in 2010/2011?

  • Mike Young

    Palm Pre 2