Dell Coupons: Why Twitter Helps

When your looking for a deal online, you will have your favorite sites bookmarked but rather than visiting forum based sites for discounts, you may want to check out social media sites the next time you feel like treating yourself.

One example is Dell Coupons on Twitter, like most coupon sites you will find those that are trying to make money from you but thanks to Twitter being geared towards user tweets, it is one of the best recommendation services around today.

When Black Friday 2010 comes, we will see Twitter and other social media sites used more than any year before. A quick search for “Dell coupon” on Twitter shows us some good deals, which include 15% off desktops, laptops, and 25% off Dell Mini. Some tweets even show an expiry date for the coupons.

Twitter helps, but does it help you, and do you find the amount of spam tolerable? How has social media started helping you find and share deals?