Outlook Social Connector & Facebook: What will Microsoft do next?

As Microsoft continues its drive towards social integration we recently wrote that Office 2010’s Outlook Social Connector will be integrated with Facebook so that users can track activity on Facebook from within the e-mail program. Microsoft is more than eager to gain a bigger share of the social networking market and this seems to be a way it can do just that.

Microsoft recently released Social Connector and a new add-on is now available for download whereby users of Facebook will be able to view Facebook profiles of e-mail contacts, along with news feeds, updates, and pictures, according to Ryan Fleming over on Digital Trends. Outlook recently made a similar integration with LinkedIn although the Facebook move is obviously on a far greater scale.

Although it will be possible to view profiles and see incoming feeds, users will not be able to update or comment on their Facebook through Outlook. Microsoft’s Office 2010 product manager, Chris Adams said, ““The Outlook Social Connector and providers from partners such as Facebook makes it easy and convenient for busy people to stay in touch with the people they care about.”

It does seem significant that Microsoft is looking beyond its own Windows Messenger to spread further into the social networking sphere and this new idea seems to be part of its big push, maybe initiated by the ill-fated Kin Phones that were aimed at social networking. For more on this go to digitaltrends.com. We’re wondering what Microsoft will think of next to progress further into social networking? Why not let us know what you think about this with a comment.