Motorola Droid X vs HTC EVO 4G: Specs compared

When it comes to smartphones there are just a handful of models that really matter – two of those are the Motorola Droid X vs. HTC EVO 4G. Both run on Android, but how different are they? We thought that our readers would like to know how the specs compare on both handsets.

We have not been sent any review units and no one in our team owns one – I am the owner of an iPhone 4, so I was certainly interested in our recent post about the Antenn-Aid. The screen on both handset are 4.3-inches and are the largest in their class, and James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun believes that this is what helps to sell the two phones.

Kendrick has spent some time with both smartphones, and decided that they needed to go head-to-head. He has had his EVO 4G for four months now and in that time has been very happy, so the Droid X will have some big shoes to fill.

I would find it hard to try and condense the review down, so feel that it would be of more benefit to our readers to send them off to jkOnTheRun via the link above. This is not your normal review; he has covered all the basis of what each phone does – well all those of importance to him.

If you have had a chance to use both handsets then please share your experiences.

  • Lisa

    My husband and myself have tried both. Sadly Verizon's internet is so much slower than Sprints, hands down the Evo wins there. Also the wifi is a hit or miss. Even with the newest download to "fix" the wifi problem, it still drops. Could not connect at places we had no problem doing so, ie: Panera Bread, Starbucks…our HOUSE (we run a business class Road Runner). If listening to iHeart radio or watching, stalls and stutters on the DX never did on the Evo.

  • lisa

    The only complaint we had with the Evo was the voice quality and coverage area also the big problem was the battery life for us. Droid X is far better in that area, and for my husband who works outside all day, a sticking point. If they fixed the battery life on the EVO he'd have paid the 400+ to leave Verizon with no questions asked. But even carrying a spare, a 12 hour day was pushing it. :( And the kickstand is a nice touch, he enjoyed being able to watch football/soccer (ge us English living in the US) during the world cup on it when we were out. With the slow internet and iffy wifi, he would not be able to do that with the Droid X. Probably going to take these back and go back to our Blackberry storms till something else comes out that is more dependable. (I would have LOVED the iphone4 but the issues it has presently prevent us from moving to AT&T, as well as I heard their internet is just as bad if not worse than Verizons.)

    • Justin

      this makes no sense (no pun intended) because verizon and sprint roam off of the same towers. If Sprint is getting low service, they roam off of verizon. Perhaps you had the roaming option turned off?