Video Marketing: Most effective but toughest

Viral marketing through video is difficult. It’s not easy to direct the millions of YouTube viewers over to your particular video, and even if you get them there, you need an entertaining and relevent video to hold their attention. However it seems that there is a service which claims to make your video popular for you.

Leon Hill on OfficialWire has written an article about a service called uSocial, which claims to take all the effort out of video marketing and do it for you, for a price of course. The site claims to bring you real, guaranteed viewers based on industry, interest groups and/or geo-location data. Prices start from 5000 views for $97.

I have a problem with uSocial, since there are no examples of this method being sucessful anywhere on their website. After all, if I’m going to pay $97 so that my video gets tons of viewers, I want to see examples of their previous work.

If this service does work however, it means two consequences. The first is that companies now have a way to get their videos popular for cheap, and this could lead to companies developing better viral marketing campaigns (after all, what good is a view if the viewer doesn’t watch the video). It could also lead to general mistrust over the internet. Is that awesome cat video really popular, or did the owner pay for the views?

What do you think? Is paying for video views a viable option to advertisers? Let us know in the comments.