Google Buzz Firehose: Real-time PubSubHubBub syndication

The world’s largest search engine Google has just made an announcement today, that it has launched its new Google Buzz firehose, which is said to give developers access to all public activity published on Buzz through a single feed with real-time PubSubHubBub syndication.

As reported by Jolie O’Dell at, the company says that firehose was in fact their most-requested feature by developers. Google also used the announcement to highlight the We Feel Fine-esque Buzz Mood app, which parses Buzz updates for emotion-related verbs.

Both OneRiot and Collecta have now reportedly integrated the Google Buzz firehose into their real-time search results. And Boulder-based social data firm Gnip became one of the first companies to use the new Buzz firehose.

Google Buzz may not necessarily be the biggest source of currently available social data, but adding the firehose to a wider mix of real-time social update data may well help expand and refine the application’s results. What do you think of the new Buzz firehose? Will you be using it at all?