SummerMash Washington: Buy and win tickets

Mashable is hosting its U.S. Summer Tour at the moment and the latest stop was at San Francisco last Wednesday. It was hugely successful with hundreds turning out for an open bar, food and prizes, and of course what everybody really went for, networking.

An article over on Mashable tells about some of the highlights of the event, including prizes of iPads and tickets and there are also many photos to peruse of the evening. The next stop on the SummerMash is at Washington, taking place on Thursday August 5.

For the event there’ll be a livestream by Rachel Sklar and you will be able to ask her questions which she can give to the social and tech community of Washington. If you go to Watchitoo, you’ll be able to participate in the Summer Tour Contest where you can ask questions of the attendees or take part in social media trivia. A video of the contest taken by one of the participants in San Francisco is also available to see on Mashable at the above link.

If you take part you’ll have a chance to win tickets for events. To find out more or to buy tickets for the Summer Tour go to Have you attended any of the Mashable Summer Tour so far? What did you think of the experience? We’d be interested to hear what you have to say so please feel free to send us your comments.