Facebook to Copy Twitter: Geolocation app

Online social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly bigger and better to their users. In March of this year, Twitter released a new app the `Geolocation’, this has allowed users to let their followers know where they are tweeting from. It appears that competitors Facebook are working on a similar app.

According to Alejandro Martinez-Cabrera at SFGate, Facebook’s app will allow users on their mobile device to share where they are sending their updates from. Negative feedback from a recent survey by cyber-security firm Webroot, has stated that just over half of mobile social-network users are concerned about implications to their privacy.

Users have also commented that problems could occur when sources know your whereabouts, for example, burglars could potentially target your home, or for women, the concern about letting potential stalkers know your every move. These are valid points but 71% of users have said that they already know the risks involved in these services, they would only divulge this information to their friends

What are your thoughts on this story? Could this potentially pose a big problem to users of mobile networking sites? To read more about this check out SFGate